The author of Howard’s Gift, Eric Sinoway, and Howard Stevenson on the Harvard campus. Originally united when Eric was assigned Howard as the supervisor of an independent study he undertook while a graduate student at Harvard, the relationship between the two evolved into one of affection, collaboration, and love. Eric’s entrepreneurial spirit resonated with Howard, who say some of his younger self in the older man. Howard’s wisdom and impact appealed to many of the thing that Eric wanted to be in his life. Their bond and friendship, incorporated throughout the pages of Howard’s Gift, moves the audience as their personal stories of success and failure, life and (near death), are shared in ways the reader will find moving.

The relationship between the two evolved into one of affection, collaboration, and love.

Howard’s Gift is not your traditional book.  It weaves together stories, lessons, and actionable content that is relevant to men and women of all ages and organizations of all shapes and sizes.  It is a book about life – about how to make your life one of satisfaction and success. It shares the wisdom of Howard Stevenson, a man described by many as “the wisest person they’ve ever met.”

The Authors:  Eric Sinoway is an American entrepreneur, executive, author, thought leader, and motivational speaker. Merrill Meadow is a communications professional with deep experience in academic, healthcare, corporate, and policy environments, including Harvard University and the National Academy of Sciences.


of all ages

Howard’s Gift presents an actionable framework for individuals and organizations, career coaches and executives. Throughout the book, each chapter features specific lessons to provoke thought, instigate change, and provide guidance for individuals of all ages and organizations of all sizes and types.

Howard’s Gift is an invaluable tool that will leave the reader returning to it again and again.


the teachers

For the advisors who advise, Howard’s Gift is a tool utilized by career coaches to impart wisdom, provoke thinking, and help them excel at helping others. From specific chapters in the book to related thought leadership pieces, Howard’s Gift is an invaluable resource to career coaches and others who work with individuals to maximize their personal and professional success and satisfaction. How is it that everyone’s outsides seemingly look better than our own insides?


of all types

Culture. Change. Decisions. Competing demands. Trade-offs. Howard’s Gift addresses these and other topics that are embodied by the world’s leading organizations. A manual for leaders and organizations striving to demonstrate “best of breed” work environments, Howard’s Gift provides specific ways in which organizations can differentiate themselves from others to create loyalty, passion, commitment and performance by employees that differentiate it in the marketplace. Did you know that culture trumps strategy?


and organizational advisors role models

Howard’s Gift packs Professor Howard Stevenson’s 40+ years teach and leading at Harvard Business School into the pages of the book and related thought leadership pieces published around the world. The book and related content – articles about how to balance competing priorities to creating a strategy that attracts and retains the best talent to how to integrate life and professional goals – is an invaluable tool for consultants advising leaders on how to build an organization for the long-term, one that is distinguished from competitors of all types. It’s hard to accept, but do you know you can’t get an A+ in all aspects of your life at once?

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